Personal stuff

Initially, I made this site just for technical articles I was writing. I put some basic 'About me' and list of my project here and that was it. Later I get a bit into Indie Web kind of thing, but I didn't want to make separate site for non-tech stuff, nor I wanted to mix the content. This is the section of the site with more personal stuff.

Here I write what I have been up to in recent months. I don't really like using social media. After not using insta for years idea of posting a story feels cringey af to me. But I still like to write about what happens in life and what I have been up to. 'Now' page seem to be the best tool for this job.

Happening now

List of my project also moved here. I have a lot of ideas for different projects, like 25+ planned/finished/abandoned tech projects, 12 printing or design projects, whole bunch of post ideas. And when I'm able to make one into something finished and polished it brings me so much joy.


And also here is what I learned about Indie Web, Cozy Web and how I see it. I think it's wonderful that we can have a all kinds of connections from people across the globe thanks to the Internet. And it's wonderful that we can express ourselves in all kind of ways here too.

Indie web, cozy web, and blogroll