I'm Oleh and I flip bytes and paint buttons. And sometimes find myself in Figma or Affinity Publisher doing some design project. I mostly interested in UI, UX and all sorts of visuals (both designing and coding), but sometimes I give a spin to projects from other field of programming.

I also love design of printed media. If you have a cool idea for collab, especially if you're an artist, please reach out to me, and we'll do something cool together.

Besides design and programming, I'm learning Slovak, ride a bike and enjoy cooking. Previously, I had some fun with watercolors and drone photography, but I had to flee from my home in Ukraine, and all equipment was left behind :(

I'm open for new ideas and opportunities, so do not hesitate to reach to me if you have something interesting. Also, I'm available for hire. If your company want a top-notch frontend developer and willing to pay top dollar — find my email in footer. Bonus points if you're willing to consider part-time employment.