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May 2024

I left my last workplace at the end of March and decided to take it slow, and give myself at least two months before searching for new job. I did so last summer and it was great. Job market didn't look great at the time (still isn't probably?) and weather in Bratislava was good in April, so time well spent so far.

Still working on docs for my visa, hopefully I'll be able to submit everything at the start of the summer. And from there I'll be left to wait for the decision.

I actually made landing page for the 'crypto patreon' project. Decided to call it Umako. It turned really good in my opinion! But while I was waiting for illustrations I switched to other projects and now don't really have time or desire to actively work on this one. But I'm planning to return to it once I settle matters with visa. Maybe I'll be just in time for new crypto boom, who knows. Anyway, I should add it to projects page.

Recently I found myself working on another app, which is multiprovider frontend for Large Language Models. I wanted to use local LLMs through Ollama, but I didn't fully like any of available frontends so decided to roll my own, and add support for OpenAI and Anthropic along the way. I decided to pick new shiny stack for backend this time (Bun, Hono and Drizzle) and I must admit I enjoy it very much, maybe except small compitability issues in Bun. Maybe I'll be able to finish it this month and release as open source project. I'll need to pick proper name first though.

Gosh, first crypto, then AI... I don't chase hype train I promise.


February 2024

Heeeey, I finally got my masters degree! Still not sure if I will ever need it, and it was quite a stressful for the whole 1.5 years it took, but I'm very happy it's over now.

Caught myself thinking about that crypto-patreon project a lot, I guess it's time to put it into work. I spent a lot of time reading about EVM, Solidity and smart contracts to just make sure it's possible to implement. And it seems it is! There are a few more nuances, but I think it's time to start building landing page for it and try figure out if there is audience for it at all.

And I got myself really cute pin holder cloth last month. Planning to fill it with cool pins too.

Cute pin holder cloth

December 2023

This was quite pleasant year. I left my freelance projects in the middle of year and had my two months vacation. After that I got job at quite big tech company. Though I still don't like working full-time (and I think part-time is one of the best things to happen to me) it was better than I expected.

Currently I'm concentrated on preparing all necessary docs for my visa in United Kingdom, and hopefully I'll be there next year. Besides that I actively work on posts for my blog. It turned out I quite enjoy writing and now my 40+ hours spent on building this personal site don't feel wasted haha.

As for pet projects, Anori is now in state of lazily-maintained (and been there for a few months). I recently got into crypto, idea of programmable money fascinates me so much and now I find myself thinking how I can turn this into projects useful for broader audience. I have this idea of crypto-patreon, but I'm still not sure how to best approach it.