Indie and cozy web

Indie web is an internet built by people for people. Internet where you own your domain and use it as main identity (in comparison to profiles in social media). It's usually presented as an alternative to corporate web focused on making money in all different ways. Cozy web is a layer of internet hidden from search engines and algorithms. It's discord servers, whatsapp groups, and other small gated communities.

If you want to learn more about those concepts, here are couple of good posts.

The Dark Forest and the Cozy Web
Autonomy Online: A Case For The IndieWeb

For me, both these concepts go hand in hand with eachother. Personal website is where you put info you're comfortable sharing with whole world. And closed community (or communities) of your choice is a place for more intimate connections and candid covnersations. Compared to social media and open communities, gated communities can filter out low-quality applicants and trolls. And more importantly, they can decide to stay small. Conversations in such communities not visible to search engines and companies doing data harvesting. All this makes it easier to open up and have better time for all participants.

And I want to make such community at some point. But so far I'm still not sure how it should work and how to do this properly. And I'm just not sure if I'm the right person to do this. So, not today, but some day for sure. If you're interested, write me a letter. Or check this page later, maybe there will be more info 👀.

People I vibe with

Or you can call it blogroll if you're old enough :). This is a list of people I enjoy reading, think they have cool website, vibe with, think they do interesting stuff or just think you should check them out too. They all are great people I'm sure.

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