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February 2024

Heeeey, I finally got my masters degree! Still not sure if I will ever need it, and it was quite a stressful for the whole 1.5 years it took, but I'm very happy it's over now.

Caught myself thinking about that crypto-patreon project a lot, I guess it's time to put it into work. I spent a lot of time reading about EVM, Solidity and smart contracts to just make sure it's possible to implement. And it seems it is! There are a few more nuances, but I think it's time to start building landing page for it and try figure out if there is audience for it at all.

And I got myself really cute pin holder cloth last month. Planning to fill it with cool pins too.

Cute pin holder cloth

December 2023

This was quite pleasant year. I left my freelance projects in the middle of year and had my two months vacation. After that I got job at quite big tech company. Though I still don't like working full-time (and I think part-time is one of the best things to happen to me) it was better than I expected.

Currently I'm concentrated on preparing all necessary docs for my visa in United Kingdom, and hopefully I'll be there next year. Besides that I actively work on posts for my blog. It turned out I quite enjoy writing and now my 40+ hours spent on building this personal site don't feel wasted haha.

As for pet projects, Anori is now in state of lazily-maintained (and been there for a few months). I recently got into crypto, idea of programmable money fascinates me so much and now I find myself thinking how I can turn this into projects useful for broader audience. I have this idea of crypto-patreon, but I'm still not sure how to best approach it.